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A centrally located cozy district In the late Middle Ages, on the left bank of Mtkvari, between Didube and Avlabari, two villages were formed – Chugureti and Kukia. In 1824, both of them were assigned to Tbilisi.By the 1820s, Chughureti was mainly inhabited by serfs, peasants and artisans, and was home to pottery factories, foundries and various workshops. The area consisted mostly of rural stalls and one-story houses, which were built chaotically without plans.Urban development of Chughureti took place largely in 1840-50s. This was facilitated by the construction of bridges that connected the right and left banks of the city.By the end of the 19th century, Chughureti became one of the central districts of Tbilisi, where lavishly decorated two- and three-story houses and hotels were located.The place where the 9 March and Deda Ena parks are located, and where the House of Justice stands, used to be an island surrounded by two branches of Mtkvari. In the 1930s, the right branch of Mtkvari was dried out and a road was built instead. Today, these parks feature a large recreational spaces along the river embankment, a recently renovated skate park and a popular flea market for vintage pieces.

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