Apartment for Sale near Fabrika

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 1 Bathroom(s)
  • Area: 195 m2
  • $/m2: USD 794.87/m2
  • Fully Restored
Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue, Tbilisi, Georgia

About This Heritage Home


About Chughureti

Chugureti, a central and business district of Tbilisi, is surrounded by various landmarks. To the east, it is separated from Kukia and Svanetis ubani by a parallel railway line that runs along Tsotne Dadiani, Giorgi Chitaia, and Arnold Chikobava streets. The border with Avlabari passes through the Elene Akhvlediani gorge to the south. To the west, it is divided from Vera and Mtatsminda by the Mtkvari river. Finally, it is separated from Didube by Gogi Tsabadze street to the north.Although the district is rarely referred to as Chugureti in Tbilisi, there are popular and well-established toponyms within the area. Okros ubani, Plekhanov, and Vorontsov denote different parts of Chugureti, and the boundaries between them are somewhat arbitrary. Chugureti remains a significant and bustling district in the city, known for its central and business activities.

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Property For Sale

Price: 155,000.00 USD

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Demetre, the visionary interior designer, owns this exceptional apartment on G. Mazniashvili Street. With creative flair, he envisions transforming the space into a unique living or entrepreneurial venture. Offering stunning views and ample potential, Demetre's expertise promises to make this residence a vibrant part of Tbilisi's rich cultural scene.

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