Living Heritage of Baclayon

  • Baclayon, Bohol
  • 3 Hotel Rooms
  • Listing Manager: Homeowner

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  • Terrace/ Balcony
  • Wifi
  • Drinkable tap water
  • Co-sharing space


About Baclayon

Baclayon, situated in Bohol, Philippines, boasts a rich heritage dating back to its establishment in 1596. Notable for the historic Baclayon Church, one of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines, characterized by Spanish colonial architecture and religious artifacts, Baclayon has played a crucial role in the spread of Christianity in the region. The present demographics of Baclayon encompass a blend of locals and descendants of its historical residents, creating a diverse community. Beyond its religious and historical importance, Baclayon is surrounded by picturesque landscapes and coastal beauty, enhancing its allure. Immerse yourself in the town's cultural sites, engage with the welcoming community, and appreciate the lasting legacy of Baclayon in Bohol's cultural and historical narrative.

Neighbourhood Amenities

  • Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarket
  • Local Grocery Shops
  • Food Market
  • Gym
  • Pedestrianised streets
  • Park
  • Playground

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Property Owned By

Angie and Joy Realista

Angie, a widow, now oversees the maintenance of the heritage house, assisted by her daughter, Joy. Joy, who recently returned from the United States, works as a local resident nurse and lends her care and expertise to both her patients and the preservation of their family's cherished property. Together, Angie and Joy ensure that the heritage house continues to stand as a proud testament to their family's history and legacy.

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