• Kings St, Tharangambadi, Tamil Nadu 609313, India
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About Tranquebar

Tharangambadi, formerly known as Tranquebar, is a coastal town in the Nagapattinam district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It holds historical significance as a former Danish colony. The town boasts colonial-era architecture, including Fort Dansborg, built by the Danish in the early 17th century. Tharangambadi also has a Lutheran church, Zion Church, which was constructed by the Danish missionaries in the 18th century and is one of the oldest Protestant churches in India. Today, it attracts tourists interested in its rich history and cultural heritage.

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Mr. Aman Nath

In 1986, Mr. Aman Nath acquired Neemrana Fort-Palace and began its restoration opening it to guests in 1991. A few years later in 1992, Late Mr. Francis Wacziarg joined Aman Nath, by investing in Neemrana Fort-Palace when it was already running as a hotel. In 1993, Aman Nath & Late Mr. Francis Wacziarg co-founded Neemrana Hotels Pvt Ltd. an organisation, noted for restoring ruins and turning them into heritage hotelsWhat was first spotted in 1977 as a vast and splendid ruin of the Fort Palace of Neemrana has since become synonymous in India as a foremost example of architectural restoration-for-reuse. We have focused continuously on restoring our past historical wonders into modern day heritage hotels, which can give a true feel about our history, culture, heritage, traditions and values to the discerning traveller. We call ourselves 'non-hotel' hotels as none of our properties were originally meant to be hotels. They are all monuments of historical significance with different stories to tell about our glorious history and culture. And, they have been restored by us to their past magnificence and glory!

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